Don Tatro

Endorsed by the Nevada Senate Republican Caucus

With decades of business knowledge and front-line experience as a community leader, Don Tatro brings a deep understanding of Northern Nevada to his role as a Nevada State Senator representing District 16.

Experienced Leadership on Critical Issues

As a former small business owner, executive, and president of the board of a local charter high school, Don will bring his real world experience to Carson City and fight to address issues necessary to helping families and residents of Senate District 16 succeed.

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  • A vibrant economy and good jobs for all Nevadans. As a former small business owner Don knows that removing burdensome regulations and restrictions on Nevadans are key to helping small businesses thrive. He also understands that increasing training opportunities for a skilled workforce will be important to powering Nevada’s diversifying economy.
  • Ending Sisolak’s Unchecked Use of Emergency Powers. Nevada’s economy was decimated by the Governor’s unilateral decision to shut down schools and businesses at his whim without any checks and balances. Don is already drafting a bill to limit Governor Sisolak’s, and any future Governors’, use of emergency powers without the approval of the legislative branch. Nevadans should be able to move forward rebuilding our lives and the State’s economy with assurances that a similar situation will never happen again.
  • Education for Nevada’s future. From kindergarten through graduate and trade schools, Nevada’s education system is foundational to our future. Don will fight to build a forward-thinking, excellent education system that provides access and funding to the public, charter, private school and vocational training options that best fit the needs of Nevada’s children and adults.
  • Securing our Elections. Don believes every Nevadan should be required to present a valid government issued photo ID before casting their vote. Don is opposed to the practices of ballot harvesting and sending out universal mail-in ballots. It is fiscally irresponsible to mail ballots out to voters who have been deemed inactive by election officials, and both practices can increase the potential for voter fraud.
  • Defending the 2nd Amendment. As a gun-owner, avid outdoorsman, and CCW holder, Don believes the constitutional Right to Bear Arms, for law-abiding citizens, should not be restricted by any level of government.
  • Keeping Our Communities Safe. Following national efforts to Defund the Police and state efforts from Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats to reduce penalties on crime, violent crime surged in Northern Nevada in 2021. Don supports law enforcement officers throughout Nevada and will fight for them to have the necessary resources and support to effectively address growing crime rates.
  • Attainable, quality housing. As Nevada continues to grow, access to attainable, quality housing is a significant concern in many Nevadans' day-to-day lives. Don’s experience as the Executive Director of The Builders and the Chair of Reno’s Housing Task Force has helped him develop important insight and experience on this critical issue which he will bring to Carson City to advocate on behalf of all Nevadans.
  • Accountable government. Nevadans deserve an efficient, quality-oriented government that’s transparent and accountable to taxpayers. Don is committed to using his background in finance and business management to focus on the common-sense solutions Nevadan’s deserve. Don looks forward to eliminating government waste, fraud, and duplication to safeguard taxpayer dollars.

Don Tatro:
Experienced, Common-Sense, Conservative

Don Tatro brings a deep appreciation of Northern Nevada, successful business knowledge and front-line experience as a community leader to his service as a Nevada State Senator representing District 16.

Born and raised in Carson City, Tatro learned the importance of community service from his father, who served as a justice of the peace, and his uncle, who served as a Carson City supervisor.

A 2000 graduate of Carson City High School, Tatro worked in construction and for a horse trainer before earning a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. After completing his degree, Tatro spent some time outside of Nevada working as a press secretary for former United States Senators John Ensign (R-NV) and Tom Coburn (R-OK). He went on to launch his own successful small business — an appraisal management company.

Tatro returned to Nevada in 2015 to serve as the Executive Director of The Builders, a Reno-based organization of homebuilders. He served The Builders in a leadership capacity for 5 years. He currently works as a mortgage lender with NorthPointe Bank.

Tatro’s deep roots in Northern Nevada combined with his successful business background compelled him to step forward and address important community issues through volunteer service as: the former chair of Reno’s Housing Task Force; a member of the Washoe County manager’s advisory council and as a member and current president of the board of a local charter high school.

Tatro has been recognized as Outstanding Leader Under Age 40, as a Titan of Industry and as one of the Most Influential People in Northern Nevada.
Don is an active outdoorsman who loves skiing, hunting, camping and fly fishing.
But nothing is more important to Don than family.

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His wife, Rachel, is Chief Operating Officer and Partner at the Blueprint Collaborative, which provides strategy and fund development consulting to regional non-profits. The couple has two children, Luke and Kit.

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